Success Stories

Success Story A
Recently our team responded to a client in the Coating Industry who needed immediate service on an Oxidizer. Within 24 hours, we were on site and initiating the removal of the damaged areas and installation of a replacement. In less than 3 days, the repaired sections and components were in place and completely functional. Our client, who expected the process to take over a week based on past experience with other Groups in the Industry, was overjoyed by the efficiency of our team. After the replacement, we initiated a time and money saving preventative maintenance agreement to ensure that these components will outlive and outperform his previous units.

Success Story B
On another instance our team was notified by a client in the Can Industry of a Failure with the Main Exhaust Fan on a Thermal Oxidizer. The Manufacturer was unable to provide the Parts or Service for 4-8 weeks. ES&T responded and in less than 6 hours had the proper equipment and personnel in route and within 48 hours the customer was back online and in production.

Success Story C
ES&T was called into action on a Sunday Morning at 5:30 am regarding an Oxidizer that had gone down due to a fire. ES&T responded and had personnel and equipment on site within 8 hours and materials within 16 hours. With only 4 days to rebuild the unit and get it back on line before it began interrupting production in several other facilities, ES&T focused its entire group on this project and was able to get the customer back into production in just over 3 days. Thereby diverting production interference in 3 other facilities due to a lack of product from this one.


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