ES&T  experience with different oxidizers manufactory and models , give us an advantage in making sure your oxidizer has the correct refractories, each application is different from size ,quantity of ceramic media  , thickness and size of Pryo insulation , to density and thermal rating of cement  refractory .We can replace and  Install new ceramic media in your regenerative , or install new pryo in your thermal oxidizer chamber . Replacing the refractories  in  your oxidizer has benefits 

    • Optimizes the efficiency and performance of the oxidizer… reducing cost
    • Reduces metal fatigue and deterioration
    • Extends the life of the oxidizer

ES&T can supply and install all the different types of refractories, ceramics and insulation Ceramic Media -(Structured, Honeycomb, Saddles)

Installed new saddles in a 5 can RTO
The Pryo bloc in the retention chamber had deteriorated , ES&T installed new bloc in the chamber and laid new castable floor
New ceramic saddles
Repair deteriorated metal on roof & new pyro-bloc
Replaced the castable & Pyro-bloc- repaired the tubes on Heat exchanger
The oxidizer after repairs
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