Heat Exchangers-Tube Sheets-Catalyst

Aftertime Heat Exchangers , Tubes , and Catalyst Bloc of an oxidizer start to deteriorate , which can result in:

      • Pressure Drops
      • In-Efficiency result Higher fuel cost
      • Compliance Issues
      • Unexpected Downtime

ES&T can provide you with incomparable service, we can design, fabricate and install a new heat exchanger , or repair / rebuild your existing one. Our staff has experience with working on all different types of manufactories and models heat exchangers from ABB , Smith , LTG to name a few. 

We can Repair, Rebuild,Upgrade

  • Tubes
  • Tube-Sheet
  • Z-Clips
  • Interior/Exterior Metals
  • Beams/Walls
  • Frame/Structure
  • Catalyst – New and Cleaning of Block

Rebuild of LTG Heat Exchanger
Repaired the structure – frame of Heat Exchanger
Replaced the roof on oxidizer
Installed new Catalyst Bloc
Fabricated a new heat Exchanger
Replaced only damaged tubes saving downtime/ budget
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