Ductwork – Cladding-Metals

ES&T can engineer, design, fabricate and install your new ductwork or your existing ductwork . We utilizes highly experienced fabricators, and installers to provide you with the most cost effect  and efficient way. ES&T team has comprehensive knowledge of the airflow of an oven and process equipment system for you to achieve the proper flow.                      

 We can also engineer a heat return system to benefit for your existing fuel cost.

ES&T can service and supply ;

  • Expansion Joints
  • Flex Joints
  •  Horse shoe Duct
  • Flanges 
  • Hoods
  • By-pass Dampers
  • Bellows
  • Cladding- New skin
  • Access Doors 
  • Gasketing 
Fabricated & Installed new access doors on duct
New Ducwork
Installed a new blower

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