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Environmental Services & Technologies Inc. operates under a very simple philosophy, "If you're not Satisfied, we're not Done"

Environmental Services and Technologies, Inc. has been providing a variety of services for Oxidizers, Incinerators, Ovens, and other Air Pollution Control equipment for over 25 years. Our goal is is to help you maintain uninterrupted production, extending the life of your Oxidizer through preventative maintenance, also alerting you in advance to areas that may potentially cause a shut down or production interruption, and assuring compliance with environmental requirements. Because of our experience with a wide variety of equipment and situations, we are considered the Environmental Equipment and Process Equipment Specialists.

ES&T offers a wide range of services from the rebuilding and installation of total units, to individual components upgrade, as well as relocation and set-up to a different facility. We also perform internal and external inspections / evaluations on all equipment indicated.

Evaluation and Inspection customers receive a detailed report, listing our findings and concerns. Photos are included with the report.

We offer thermal profiles that allow the customer to visually see the heat displacement and thermal migration of the equipment as well as energy loss.


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