ES&T can supply Technical , Engineering and Design for your Instruments and Controls for any Type and Make of Oxidizers and  Process Equipment connected to the Oxidizer.

We have technical knowledge and experience in helping you determine which components / controls can operate together for an Integrated Control and Process system.

Our team can engineer / construct a new control panel or upgrade your existing one , to provide you with better operation / data that will be consist and reliable . We can design/ engineer a HMI & PLC system for older systems.

We can supply and service the following:                                                    

  • Controllers – Analogue, Digital, Pneumatic
  • Measurement Instruments- Pressure, Flow, Temperature
  • Valves
  • Regulators
  • Alarm Systems
  • Data pak/ Recorder
  • Flame Systems 
  • HMI- PLC

ES&T believes the operation and safety of a facility relies on the Instruments and Controls and the importance of having your equipment calibrated and Inspected. ES&T can calibrate and inspection your controls, to insure the accuracy of the controls thus eliminating control failure and  downtime.

New control box and wire
HMI Program
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