Combustion System

ES&T has extensive knowledge in achieving  proper air and gas mixture (tuning), which optimizes the efficiency of the burner. ES&T can perform a cost analysis on your existing burner and submit to you options on ways to reduce cost and energy.

We can design and install  a new combustion control system or engineer and upgrade your existing burner and combustion control system. Independent Zone Burners- Heat Return Systems- Direct Fired

ES&T services various manufactories and models of burners from;

Line Burners- Strand Burners- Low Nox-Burners-Circular Burners- Custom Burners

To help you minimize burner failure and plant downtime , consider a maintenance program on your system which in turn can ;

  • Extends the life of your combustion system and burners
  • Safety compliance-FM Global Standards
  • Reduces energy – fuel cost

ES&T can also Service and Supply ; (Mechanical & Electrical)

  • Gas Trains
  • Flame Safeguards
  • Safety Shut-offs
  • Regulators
  • Ratio Controls
  • Pilots
  • Blocking Valves
  • Diffuser Plates
  • Thermal Couples
During an Inspection this burner orifices were clogged, we removed and cleaned out the burner saving the plant downtime . We found a problem and addressed it,
ES&T can supply and install all burner types for all types of ovens.
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