ES&T has put together a group of professionals , who are experienced within their craft and who have proven to be the best within their field. We currently have either on staff or have contract experience;

Engineers (Mechanical- Electrical) Combustion Certified Specialist Fabrication – Millwrights Ducting – Insulation Fabricators Project Managers Trouble-Shooting Expertise

We have a rapid response team for those unexcepted shut-downs and emergency repairs. Our supply chain is constantly update with a network of perferred vendors , so that our customers can recieve the latest , and the best equipment for their application.

ES&T staff understands that following proper procedures leads to Safe and Successful project, and that safety is a priority on all of our projects. Our staff is trained per OSHA, Custom Site Specific Requirements , we are also an approved vendors with isnetword and vertisisglobal.

ES&T was founded in 1993 by Mr. Jeffrey Robinson, who started with Smith Engineering one of the first air pollution control equipment manufactories. Mr. Robinson believes it is better to be Pro-active than Re-active, and that Customers and Quality of service should always go together.

Our main corporate office in located in Moline ,Illinois

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