Environmental Services and Technologies, Inc. or ES&T has been providing a variety of services for Oxidizers, Incinerators and other Air Pollution Control Equipment, including Ovens and Wicket Ovens for over 15 years.

Environmental Services and Technologies, Inc. has been providing Engineering Consulting - Design Fabrication Aftermarket and Onsite services for Oxidizers, Incinerators and other Air Pollution Control equipment, including Ovens for over 25 years. Our goal is to help you maintain uninterrupted production, while extending the life of your Oxidizer and Process Equipment. Through preventative maintenance and also alerting you in advance to areas that may potentially cause a shut down or production interruption. While assuring continued compliance with Environmental Requirements. Because of our Experience with all Manufactured equipment and situations, we are considered the Environmental Equipment and Process Equipment Specialists.

We are located in the Midwest which is centrally located allowing us to respond to most emergency situations in the US within 24-48 hrs with both personnel and materials needed to address your situation. We have a 5,000 sq ft shop / warehouse which allows us to stock and fabricate the materials components needed to keep you online.

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In this instance the ES&T team responded to a request for assistance after a fire in the Metal decorating Industry. Within 24hrs the site had been assessed and equipment and personnel were being prepped for shipment. This project under normal circumstances would take 2-3 months due to the nature of the equipment and the origin of manufacture. ES&T was able to fabricate and have onsite all materials and necessary personnel within 14days. The project was competed in 6 weeks.

Our team responded to a client in the Coating Industry who needed immediate service on an Oxidizer. Within 24 hours, we were on site and initiating the removal of the damaged areas and installation of a replacement. In less than 3 days, the repaired sections and components were in place and completely functional. Our client, who expected the process to take over a week based on past experience with other Groups in the Industry, was overjoyed by the efficiency of our team. After the replacement, we initiated a time and money saving preventative maintenance agreement to ensure that these components will outlive and outperform his previous units.

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